YSL Large Leopard/Cheetah Tribute - HELP!

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  1. I'm hoping the YSL experts can help me out!

    Does anyone recall whether or not YSL produced the large Tribute in the calfhair leopard/cheetah in the "brown" version??

    I know that someone on tPF has a small leopard Tribute but I don't recall hearing about a large one... If anyone has any input, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. They do make the Large Tribute in the ivory leopard Cheetah, but I don't know about the "natural" leopard which is the darker brown/orange version. If you've seen it in a Medium, though, then I think the odds are it would also exist in a Large since the ivory one does...

  3. I could have sworn I saw one last week at the YSL @ South Coast Plaza, it was darker than the pic above.
  4. ^^^^
    The tribute in the photo above is gorgeous.
    Simply stunning!!
  5. Thanks for the input! I ordered a large Tribute from Bluefly recently and I'mj pretty sure it's the real deal. I just didn't recall ever seeing it in-store so I wasn't sure when I placed my order. Here's a pic:

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  6. Oh, wow, congrats! I'm sure it's authentic if you picked it up from Bluefly. They often get versions of various bags, especially for YSL, which weren't always widely seen elsewhere. It adds a nice punch to the simple design of the Tribute and I am sure it is going to draw a lot of attention!
  7. WOW, It is stunning!
  8. Love that Tribute, wicked! But what's to become of your Leopard Valentino Maison bag?????????????????????????????
  9. ^^lol, I ended up returning the Valentino Maison. I just wasn't "in love" with the bag and realized that the YSL leopard was a bit more chic. All that pleating detail on the Valentino was a bit "lost" with the leopard pattern.

    I also have another YSL purchase in the works--it's like I'm becoming a YSL devotee! I've got this Tribute, a purple Downtown and a chocolate brown Mombasa. Now one more will join the family soon!
  10. That leopard tribute is gorgeousness personified, wicked! I think I saw that one at the YSL boutique in DC, but it might have been the white with leopard version. I don't remember. I can't wait for a family pic, and for your next YSL purchase!
  11. Wicked I saw the exact leopard Tribute you got at the Mall of America Nordstrom two days ago so I'm certain its legit. Its gorgeous!!!
  12. :tup: Yes, I've seen the ivory leopard there in the Medium size. Both the ivory and natural leopard are stunning Tributes!
  13. That's amazing Congrats
  14. Lovely bag! That will definitely pop with anything you wear! Enjoy it!
  15. I'm loving the natural (darker) leopard small/medium tribute. Has anyone spotted one in the stores recently? would love to get one on sale.... please let me know if you see one. thanks!