YSL Large Downtown bag in Black Patent

  1. Hi YSL ladies
    I am usually at Balenciaga section and i have been thinking about getting the YSL Downtown bag.:yahoo: I am hoping some of you experts can help me with my decision. For those of you who own the Large Black patent bag do you think it is too much of a bag for patent leather? should i go for the Med size? i like the look of how the large size hangs down lower than your hip. :tup:I would really appreciate your help.:heart:
  2. I own this bag, and I :heart: it! There are more pics here in this thread...


    It is a large tote bag, not a "handbag" by any means. It definitely would be too big for some gals' tastes. But I've got a lot of medium-sized black bags already, and I wanted a large tote for work. And I think that the black patent is really going to "pop" against a black coat during the fall/winter. I preferred the more-vertical/longer look of the large Downtown vs. the wider look of the medium Downtown. Plus, I just like big bags; I've got the oversize Muse too!

    How tall are you Nanaz? Have you tried on the large size IRL yet? I don't want to "talk" anybody into the large size, because either size is terrrific. You should get whatever YOU personally feel most comfortable with.

    In response to your question, I got my Downtown in early July at the YSL boutique in Chevy Chase, Md. (basically across the street from Saks). The smooth black patent version came out for spring/summer 07 and is getting harder to find now, because I think YSL is doing the croco-embossed black patent for fall.
    YSL Downtown.JPG
  3. Nanaz: I love this bag - I have been eyeing it for some time, too. I liked the larger size better - I think you can carry that more easily over your shoulder, right?
  4. ^Actually, I think the straps are set a little lower on the large size than the medium size, so if I'm not mistaken you lose a bit of strap length on the large, maybe 1/2" or so.

    However, I have a large and I personally prefer the shape of it. The extra 3" of length aren't a dramatic difference in size to me but I can see where it would be a deal-breaker for many.
  5. I think the medium looks best with patents while the large is better with matte leathers, especially the drool-worthy croc embossed suede in anthracite.

    Carrying each, I felt more comfortable with the medium. The large was just too big for me.

    I would agree with Cosmopolitan, though, it really is up to you which size feels and looks best because they're so different.
  6. Cosmo - i am 5'3" and 125lb. I did try the large size at NM the other day and it looked nice.:tup: I am just wondering if i decide to get the large patent, it won't be too much of a bag for patent leather (do i make sense?).:shrugs: I was going to get the large one in Cypress color but now i am leaning more towards the med Black patent one. :confused1:
    btw, what is the difference between the calf and buffalo leather? :smile:
  7. I think you can but the handles are little shorter than the Med one. :yes:
  8. I think you read my mind. :yes:Patent looks the best in med and the large one looks better in leather. :tup:Do you know what is the difference between the calf and buffalo leather? :smile:
  9. The YSL downtown in patent leather is gorgeous! :tup:

    I would have purchased it instead of the Vichy downtown, but I already have a great Mby MJ black patent tote.

    I did find the large downtowns a bit big, so I chose a medium.

    Let us know what you get! :smile:
  10. Nanaz, Purplekicks is right in saying the med downtown is great in patent. According to the sa that worked with me, they had the last 2 black patent downtowns in the entire company. This was the YSL boutique in NM, at Fashion Island in Newport Beach CA. I purchased 1 of the last 2 and that was late last week. I hope you get yours soon before they run out if your heart is set on one of these, they're fabulous enough to last through the seasons(I mean, they came out w/ black patent during warmer weather right? Darker colours are a sure bet for the colder seasons after all). BTW, I absolutely loooove mine! I was a Celine and LV fan, but now I'm hooked on YSL because of this style! I even want the matching downtown luggage -- the travel carry-on tote and rolling suitcase in black patent/gold hardware-- which were featured in Vogue June 07! AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!! Also if they make downtown continental wallets and coin purses! HELP! :drool:
  11. Thank you so much every one for all your helpful suggestions. :heart:My Med Downtown is on its way to me.:yahoo: I will keep you posted when it gets here.:tup:
  12. ^ Catching up with the thread here....congrats!!!! I'm so glad you decided to get the Downtown! Please post pictures when you get it!
  13. I'm happy you got the medium size. It's my favorite!!
  14. delish! These bags are really growing on me.