YSL lacks interest??

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  1. What is up with YSL purses?

    On eBay, I see most (not all) are very high priced, but not very sought after...

    Even in this message board, not really much activity.

    Do you think YSL is phasing out?
  2. Hardly--actually, I'd say on eBay that resale value is mid-range, with the exception of the current it bags (the Muse and Double and Rive Gauche). Those often don't sell because unless the seller has a good reputation for selling bags, it's sometimes hard to tell from the photos alone if the bag is a fake or not. And there are a LOT of fake Muses and doubles on eBay. In the real world, I'm actually seeing as many if not more Muses etc. on the streets of New York than Balenciagas. And that's something new for me, as I've had YSL bags of various styles for many years and always thought of them as "sleepers" in the sense that they were appreciated by a smaller group of those in the know. The Muse seemed to change all that. Now I see YSL all over the place. I did notice walking down Madison last week that the YSL store had closed. I guess they want to put more of their resources into their 57th Street store. It really didn't make sense to have 2 so close to one another though.
  3. I know I get nervous about fakes on eBay, I probably know LESS about YSL bags than MANY other designer bags so I get nervous about it. I also think that unless you are really a fashion/bag addict like we here are most general "bag interested" people out there probably don't appreciate them as much as we would. Just my opinion.
  4. I like the muse, but unless I get it from the store/boutique, due to my lack of knowledge, I don't think I'd buy from Ebay.
  5. I don't think it's phasing out . . .
    But I live in the Dallas area and anythign YSL is pretty much impossible to find, maybe if they'd beef up their stock in a few more cities they'd do better{?}
  6. They are redoing the Madison Ave store....
  7. I saw a few on ebay that I liked, but I am still cautious about buying though.
  8. I do not think they are passing out, they are just beginning to get bigger. The Muse was a huge hit for them and really breaking them into the very wanted bags- their leather and designs are beautiful... now their Rive Gauche is a huge hit. You will see more of them :yes:
  9. I think the bags are true classics and not trendy. That may be why you are not seeing the hype that are on other bags.
  10. I love my muse! I like the rive gauche too but I'm waiting for more styles to come out personally.
  11. I bought my first YSL bags (MUSE) last week ..
    I own alot of LV and Chanel bags but wanted something different and made well (also everywhere I go lately where I live I see someone with LV Monogram or Chanel-More Lv then chanel) and I wanted something that you don't see much and I HAVE NEVER seen a muse here where I live YET....and the leather on my Muses SMELL AND FEEL SOOO GOOD... Last nite my DH was in bed watching TV and when I went to put my Muse in my closet for the nite.. I put it up to his nose and said SMELL THIS:p ....The leather smell was TDF..he looked at me like I was a nut but he did say YES DEAR IT DOES SMELL GOOD...I think for the money it is a well made bag...The resale on ebay is not good but that may change in a few years..
  12. What it is, is that YSL is really just beginning w/ all thier bags and stuff. Even though they have the HOT Mombasa, Vincennes, Nadja, Muse, Rive Gauche, none of those are really IT bags. Thats what I LOVE about YSL, it's still very cult, it's not really out there like Vuitton and Dior are.
  13. I actually think YSL has more of a "quiet" following. The are classic bags and they really don't do the monograms like other brands do. YSL just isn't wildly popular because it is more understated in my opinion. Most people who carry YSL typically don't care about advertising the brand on their bag. People who know YSL will know what it is, but it isn't as in your face.

    I think YSL is just beginning to get bigger and it has always had it's following.