YSL Key Case/Key Pouch

  1. Does anyone have the YSL key case or key pouch? I tried looking up reviews on Youtube but there isn't much. For those who own either one of those, what do you think about it?
  2. Have and love this one
    I wanted something similar to the LV cles I've had forever but a bit more spacious, and this fit the bill perfectly.

    I tried some other SL SLGs such as the fragments and zip around small snap wallet before this, but they were not practical for me.
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  3. how's the key ring? is it easy to add/remove your keys like the LV cles?
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  4. I've never used the key ring on either....I have a separate fob for keys.
  5. I recently purchased this piece back in March! I really love it because of the size. I bought it for the purpose of using it as a make up pouch. For me, it holds three lipsticks, a pair of contacts, and a little pot of Vaseline. The leather is smooth, so it’s definitely delicate. The only wearing I’ve had is on the top corners where the zip is, and even then you can barely notice it.
  6. I have the saint laurent 6 key holder and I love it! It’s so durable and can fit a large car key, 1 fob, and 3 house keys. The fob does protrude a tad at the bottom (just length wise). The pebbled leather is tough and the piping looks pristine.

    In 1 slot I keep my licence and a credit card. In the other my health card. Love that I can grab it along with my cell phone and head out when I’m wanting to be totally minimalist.
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