YSL in Toronto?

  1. hey all,

    i'm going to toronto soon and i was just wondering if their were any stores that sold YSL?
  2. There is no freestanding YSL store in Toronto or Canada for that matter.:crybaby: But Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street Should be able to hook you up. If I am wrong, fellow Canadians chime in. I have not been to Holt Renfrew in quite some time.:crybaby: But I shall soon return b/c Bloor St. has the best shopping and the BEST LV in the world!!!:yahoo:
  3. i was at holt renfrew toronto yesterday. but hmmm... i didn't see YSL bags at all - only makeup and skincare.
  4. Holt Renfrew no longer carries any YSL clothes or accessories. Corbo Boutique on Bloor carries YSL exclusively in Toronto now.
  5. i checked the store today they do have it. white, black and chocolate in large or xl. they don't have the medium size. however the price is really expansive the large one cost CAN$1795. it will still be worth it if you either purchase online from NM or Saks.im going to ask my friends from Taiwan to get it for me. is cheaper
  6. If they don't have to pay tax in Taiwan it may be cheaper, otherwise can you get it from Hongkong, some stuff there is slightly cheaper cos there's no tax.
  7. Hey!
    Just to let you know I got my xl muse for $1936.66 Canadian and I live in Toronto.
    The YSL boutique charged me $1564.47 Canadian and I paid $372.19 for those damn government taxes! :cursing:
    SO... with taxes the large muse available on bloor street is $2046 including damn tax $$$!
  8. Wow! That is expensive! I got mine for Singapore Dollar $2014 which works out to CAD$1408. I have problem bringing it back to Canada too cos they might tax me on the bag. :s
  9. you can always lower the price value on the percel and write it as a gift. I think that is what im going to do when I ask my friend to ship it over. my muse bag will be here soon!! so excited

  10. where did you get it from? Holt renfrew or ordered it through the net?
  11. I ordered it over the phone at the New York boutique on Madison
  12. I didn't know Corbo Boutique carried YSL Muse bags. Thanks for the tip. I bought my Large white muse from the YSL boutique in South Coast Plaza. Even with the exchange it was cheaper than if I bought it in Toronto. I only paid $1460 CDN after the conversion. It seems that the Toronto retailers are still using old exchange rates.
  13. yes the corbo boutique on bloor carries YSL muse bags. i was there and saw a large (i think) and an oversized muse last month. yes:
  14. I've seen YSL in Holt Renfrew on Bloor. I went after the renovation, but never looked out for it, so I don't know if they still have them.
  15. What is the muse retailing for at Corbo? I didn't bother to go in there today oops.