YSL in Toronto?

  1. Hi, im normally in the louis forum but im just in LOVE with the muse, and i think i will be purchasing one : ) but im not sure if any stores on Toronto carry YSL.. hoping that Holt renfrew does, but i was wondering if the muse ever goes on sale.. and whats the regular prices for all the sizes in cdn dollars!!
  2. I saw YSL bags at Holt's in Vancouver just last month, definitely a medium croc Tribute (for $1695, I think), a black Uptown, and a brown Muse. I would highly suggest buying in the US if you can. Prices here in Canada can be quite ridiculous and I've heard of some really good sales in the US. Good luck!
  3. The Holt on bloor street has the best selection, but yorkdale has some too. However, currently they only have last season's collection, the SA said that the spring line should come in early march
  4. The holts' carry YSL, and the DT store already got the staffs for s/s. There is one more shop locates in Yorkville of Toronto, they do carry YSL handbags as well.
  5. thanks everyone! i went to holts at yorkdale and they only had a few bags.. im eyeing a cream coloured one but i dont want to pay full retail!! so im thinking about ordering it online!!
  6. Do you remember any of the retail prices?

    Hello from a fellow Torontonian!
  7. i only remember the price of the large one
    it was 16xx

    : )
  8. Holts on Bloor has the biggest selection in Toronto, I agree that Holts mark up the prices alot! walk around Yorkville area, maybe some other shops/consignment shops have them? good luck!