Ysl In Hong Kong

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  1. Hey, YSL in HK is now on sale - up to 30 off on Muse (Camel Color) and Downtown (Camel and White)! There are a couple of wallets on sale as well... go get 'em.... got myself a medium camel muse at 30 off!!:yahoo:

  2. thanks very much for infomation...
    are camel and white downtowns with or without pocket???
    i dont have time till coming weeken to have a look...
    BTW...congrats for ur muse!!! i am sure u will love it...

  3. Thanx so much for the info=) I was thinking of ordering from Bluefly... looks like I might as well get it frm the boutique in HK! I assume the Large MUse is also on sale ? I am going down tomorrow to check out the sale too !

    ENjoy your purchase :wlae:

  4. oops sorry i failed to notice whether they had pockets or not - i was too engrossed with the muse! for the camel color, they have all sizes available!

  5. its alright...i am gonna check it out this weeken...thanks :smile:
  6. i saw muse in OS and large in both purple and orange as of last Sat in TST, all on 30% off.. but many ppl were checking on that and not sure whether they've been sold..
  7. I think usually for the more popular brands, they mostly give only up to 30% off.

  8. i went back today to have another look, and confirm that the downtowns on sale didnt have pockets.. still available!!!;)

  9. oh...ur so sweet...thanks for u help...i prefer the one with pocket...but will still go to have a look at some other sale items:p
  10. as i recalled, for the sale on June, the first markdown was 30% off, then 50% off 2 weeks later. that's when i got an orange mombassa at Hk$3000.. :yahoo:
  11. Hi Ladies in HK, can you tell me how much the Muse is regularly in HKD? I've a friend headed there for work and I've been told it might be cheaper to purchase the Muse there (even full price!)

    Thanks much!! XOXOXO
  12. Hi the leather muse is priced as follows: medium HKD9950, large, 10950, x-large 11950. the patent one is cheaper by around HKD1000. Hope this helps:yes:
  13. is there any YSL outlet in Hong Kong?
  14. hi ladies in hkg,

    im going there for valentine's and would like to know if anyone knows how much the large rive gauche is selling for?
  15. Hi! My mom will be in HK later this month and I was wondering if the store still has any Muse bags in Camel? And what size and how much if ever? Thank you!
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