YSL in Australia?

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  1. Hi,

    I will be going to Australia in December and was hoping to get a bag as a souvenir for myself! I wasnt a muse but I am not sure if they sell ysl down there

    Does anyone know? thanks :smile:
  2. they have a small selection of YSL bags at David Jones City store, but i never saw muse bag there...:Push:
  3. hi! well depending where u are planning to visit, i live in Melbourne, and the David Jones department store has YSL and sells the muse bag there! ive seen it the different shapes too:yes:
  4. sorry for the late reply,,been so busy thanks guys!!! I will be travelling from sydney to cairns, then back to live in sydney for a month and a half

    thanks :smile:
  5. You say "down to Australia" so I presume you're not from here.

    Don't think cos the exchange rate is good you'll get a bargain. It's quite the opposite really, taking into consideration the transport costs designer bags tend to be a little more pricey.

    I'm from Melbourne and I know David Jones has the Muse.
  6. Yeah, I saw the muse at the Flagstore (Elizabeth St) Sydney.

    Being a tourist, you can claim the 10% good and service tax (GST) back if you spend more than AUS$300. :rolleyes:
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