YSL historians please tell me about my bag

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  1. HI gals,

    I came across this ysl bag @ a reputable consignment shop. I liked it for its small size and simpleness. BUT I don't know anything about it other than shop owner guarantees its authentic. It says Yves saint laurant all around the strap, strap snaps off w/grommets, zipper and all grommets have ysl logo. The leather feels wonderful! I can post more pics if neccessary. Thanks for all your help.
  2. Sorry, I'm not familiar with that bag. More pics, particularly of the strap, would probably help.
  3. Is it the small denim bag with the thin leather strap? I have that bag - it's fun, cute casual. It was also made in leather in several colors - I can't really tell which yours is from the photos. Prob. 2003-4?
  4. okay here are more pics. it is black leather..sorry it photos a bit shiny.
    ysl3.jpg ysl1.jpg