YSL Hall of Shame! - Post fakes here!

  1. This threads to warn others only, please no authenticity questions here.
    Also, please don't directly link back to websites that you KNOW sell fakes.
    You may link eBay auctions or post photos and website names, not links to help others.
  2. Please stay away from these sellers! (They are the same seller!)





  3. Please add Sumochka1982 to the list.

    Same seller listing fake YSL dowtowns and muses.

    Watch out Jimmy Choo lovers, because the seller has some fake JC bags, too.

    FAKE YSL muse sold Nov.23 07:


    Fake tag:


  4. Thanks so much gr8heart - I would love to have one for an affordable price, but def dont want a fake!