YSL Gold Besace

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  1. I have seen a few people post that they have seen Gold Besaces on sale. Has anyone seen the Sahara color that was in the Kate Moss ads on sale? I have one and I am going to sell it but I wanted to know what is a good price for it if it has been seen in the sale. I know it retailed for around $1,900.
  2. I saw one at NM on sale for $650 or so before tax.
  3. There is one at the NM in ATL for 50% off of $1298. plus tax.
  4. They seem to be selling on Ebay for about $900.00 or more
  5. I definitely saw the gold one (the one in the kate moss ad). Give them a call. Authenticplease gave you the right price. It's 50% off of that so you're looking at about $685 or so with Atlanta sales tax. I don't know if they'd apply a different tax amount based on your location.
  6. thanks guys!
  7. Ladies, how does the metallic wear on these bags? I haven't seen the Besace in real life.
  8. sasha fierce, i have the metallic pewter besace. i love it b/c its more durable than nubuck and adds a hint of "something." i don't plan to wear it every single day so i think that will help minimize the risk of any "metallic rubbing." i think it's a fab bag and i'm so glad i got it. :smile:
  9. Thanks BagLover21! That's good to know!