YSL fuxia suede whith fringes!!!!

  1. Hi,
    spring........summer......colour is in the air:wlae:
    I know that this bag is not from the ultimate collection but it's pretty!!
    do you like it??:yes:
  2. Not a fan of the fringe, but the color is lovely.
  3. I really like it. The color is gorgeous and I think it will be great for s/s.
  4. I've always like the fringe (and fringe is certainly in the air LOL!) Although I've had a lot of YSL bags over the years, the reason I haven't had this one has more to do with the suede than the styling. (I also like the somewhat longer strap). If you don't mind suede (as compared to leather) and if you like bright colors, I think this ne can be a winner.
  5. Cute bag! Where did you get it? I love bags with fringe!
  6. Thank you for your opinion,
    I like both ( leather and suede), fuxia colour is a classic summer colour so I'll use it for a long long time.....:yahoo:
    I bought it near Firenze at the YSL italian outlet.:love:
  7. please look at my other post.....you have a sweet black cat as mine!!!