YSL from BlueFly - Problems??

  1. What have everyones experience been with ordering YSL or other great bags from BlueFly? I have had major problems with my orders (one was missing authenticity card and dust bag; second order I received wrong bag (a miu miu instead of a YSL tribute!!!!) and the other bag was damaged -- downtown with broken front snap...)

    What have everyone else's experiences been like? Is this common?
  2. no, I haven't had any problems - I have ordered 4 or 5 things, which have all been nice
    sorry to hear about yours:confused1:, there's nothing worse than when you're anticipating something wonderful and it doesn't live up to what it should be
  3. I have had bad experience with them a few times. One time I got a YSL purse without a dustbag and another time they shipped me a totally different bag. They did give me bluefly credit to compensate for the mistakes but just don't understand how things like this happen so often with a pretty established company like theirs...:confused1:
  4. I never ordered a YSL bag from Bluefly but I did get a fake Fendi Spy a few years ago and I have never ordered from them since. :tdown:
  5. I recently ordered a YSL Muse from Bluefly and everything seems to be in order - packaged well, cards, dustbag, etc. However, I must say it makes me a little nervous to hear about authenticity problems.
  6. I ordered one "black patent muse" and received a black leather muse, definitely was not patent leather. They don't always keep their description of the product accurate. But other times, my orders were fine.

    Is there still authenticity problems on Bluefly? That's scary considering that they are a public company.
  7. I have only ordered one item from Bluefly and it was a black Balenciaga Twiggy. It came with all of its cards, dustbag, and extra tassels. Was very impressed with the quality of the bag and their customer service. Plus, the price was $200 under retail! No complaints here!:tup:
  8. Sounds very inconsistent to me.

    I just got a Muse from their recent sale. I hope everything goes well :sweatdrop:
    Does anyone know how long it takes for them to process the order from the time you get their detailed order acknowledgement email?
  9. ^^^I think inconsistency is the big problem with bluefly. They have cancelled a couple of my orders for stuff I really wanted. Since then, I haven't ordered from there.
  10. I don't bother with Bluefly. Honestly, I know they take returns and everything but there is way too much inconsistancy with them for me.
  11. So far, so good with me !!
  12. My first YSL is from Bluefly! The brown buffalo medium Downtown - I have a post here that shows detail pics of the serial number tag from other PFers but the search function isn't working right now to point you to the link.

    Mine is legit, came with all of its cards and its dustbag, and was in perfect condition. No complaints from me with Bluefly :tup:
  13. I totally steer clear of them now after the whole fake problems they had and I received fakes on 3 occassions. So not worth it for the small diff in price, would rather wait a little longer and know I am getting the real deal

    Sorry you are having problems