Ysl Forum?

  1. Just wondering if this was a possibility? It would be great to have all of the Muse/Mombassa/YSE/Bugatti threads all in one place!:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:

    What does everyone think?
  2. oooooooooh- I love it! But then again, the Fendi, Marc Jacobs, and Gucci forums are off to a pretty stagnant start.
  3. I agree too! I think it's still nice for organization, regardless of how "stagnant" the forums get.
  4. YES PLEASE! :yes:
  5. YSL deserves one, and also Mulberry.
  6. yes yes yes :yes: im planning to buy a muse and i have a hard time looking where's it posted :rolleyes:
  7. I was actually going to start a thread saying that we needed a YSL forum. But, I thought I'd get banned or something. Anyway, we NEED a YSL forum. That's mostly what people talk about in Other Bags. Besides, I love YSL! They make my favorite bags. Please! LOL!
  8. A YSL forum would be great...but I have a question regarding the Muse? On NM.com, it shoes the bag, but what size is it? I don't want the XL...I'd like the large.
  9. The one on NM is the XL.

    Oh and I vote for a YSL section too.
  10. Me too! You posted just what I have been thinking, looking to buy a muse also. I live in an area where I have to depend on catalogs, traveling and the internet for designer handbags so this forum has really helped me make decision on my purchases. YSL and other handbag foums a must!
  11. MODS~ YSL FORUM!!!! Please!!!!
  12. I won't have the time during the next week to get it done. It's on my todo list, though.
  13. ^^YEA!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! *big kiss*
  14. Yey!!! :d
  15. ^^I agree!!!
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