YSL Flower bag

  1. Hey guys!

    I'm shiny new on this board and I need some opinions on the YSL flower bag.
    I'm considering getting one since I liked this bag ever since it came out but I also know that being such a popular bag it has been copied/imitated endlessly. Now, I'm counting on the short fashion memory of people (there are other bags to knockoff now) and on the fact that many of the copies have seen the bin by now :smile:

    Now, for those who own/owned this bag, do you find it easy to wear or is the flower annoying because it gets squished under your arm and changes shape?

    Many thanks,
  2. The bag is super comfy. I have one in lavender suede and I love it. It doesn't change shape on me at all. Its squishy and soft I love touching the suede. Good luck. I haven't seen many around. My mum has the large black leather one and I'm waiting for her to give it up to me ; )
  3. I have the beige leather one and the flower part stays kinda smushed because it's worn over my shoulder, BUT in no way does it take away from the appearance of the bag. I think it's meant to be smushed, and that it was fixed in that way for display purposes only. The bag is dope.. I loved mines soo much, i wanna buy another one too!

    Weight wise, it's not a heavy bag and it's comfy. One of my favorite bags out of my collection.

    FYI, the knockoff doesn't hold a candle to the real thing.. I've seen the fakes around too.

    BTW, welcome to tPF!
  4. I have a larger beige suede one and LOVE IT. It's one of my favorite purses. You can't go wrong with it.