YSL finish? or "St.Laurent is better?"

  1. Pls don't. The saint Laurent is no meaning without yves!!!
  2. sure the new packaging looks mordern, but it doesn't feel like YSL anymore....
    i'm :crybaby: from the inside, i'm up for new designs, but don't change the branding please...
  3. Today at the NYC boutique they told us that YSL is undergoing new branding for more cohesiveness. They said that the accessories and clothing feel very separate. They don't typically have clientele shopping for both handbags and then going upstairs to buy clothes as well. From what they explained.. they said ALL of the Y-branded accessories would phase out and be discontinued and be considered "classic" styles.. THEREFORE ALL YOU LADIES LUSTING FOR A BAG WITH DISTINCT YSL or the Y LOGO, BUY IT NOW!!!

    The employees all seemed to be excited for the change and feel that it will make the brand more of a family instead of disjointed accessories vs apparel. The SA pretty much said, "We don't want people to think of us as just a few great hand bags and YSL t-shirts. YSL created Ready to Wear and we want people to really see us for that."
  4. I just hope YSL stays the same brand I've known and experienced it to be. I love that i am always taken care of at the NYC boutique. For me and my fiance, YSL has always been chic luxury that we can afford as we are young professionals with new money. We feel that YSL likes us as customers and has that young edge while still representing a timeless elegance. I hope they dont turn into the snobs at Chanel. Seriously, in your mid 20s it's hard to shell out 5k on a flap bag.. and just bc I can't doesn't mean I am not successful or have no money. In my life YSL > CHANEL but if this name changes the brand and the face of what clientele/customer they are trying to cater to.. i will be so disappointed and sad. I don't want this to be YSL trying to move in a direction that doesn't want ME as their customer.
  5. Looks like YSL has taken a leaf out of Céline's book - what with phasing out all the bags and accessories and pretty much everything one associates with YSL. I'm doubtful whether it'd work, though.

    Céline was a small, niche, under the radar brand, and something which one couldn't instantly associate with, well, anything in particular. It was easier to wipe the slate clean and begin afresh. Like Ferragamo or Valentino at present, I suppose. YSL, on the other hand, has always been pretty prominent and mainstream, even if not in the same league as Chanel or Hermes or LV. And not to mention it really isn't even moribund as Céline was, prior to when Philo took over.

    There's absolutely no point phasing out the Chyc or the Belle de Jour. And if they really think people will start buying their RTW, they're deluded. The point why people - even ordinary folk - invest in leather goods is because they don't have good substitutes in cheaper ranges. A YSL bag DOES look better than a Kooba or a Tory Burch. Which isn't the case with the clothes. Nobody is going to shell out hundreds on a pair of jeans or a skirt when they can get something that looks almost as good for a tenner at Zara.