YSL finish? or "St.Laurent is better?"

  1. I have to admit, I am not a fan of this decision. Very insulting to Yves, IMO.
  2. YSL is much better, IMO
  3. i love YSL more and a lot of the bags use the Y as decoration, it won't be the same with SLP, and whenever i heard SLP it reminds me of SJP
  4. There's more "click" when you say YSL, I don't agree with their decision to change it
  5. What!? Are they out of their mind to change the brand name!? :wtf:
    I agree with justifiedsins, that is just insulting!
  6. I really like YSL logo. So changing the name (and logo?) is something that I still can not accept til now :sad:
  7. Does that mean the logo is going to change? :S
  8. What a shame! Love it the way it is!!
  9. Why would they change the name of a well established brand? If you want to make a brand appear more "fresh", then come up with a radical new bag design, don't change basically the whole brand!
  10. to clarify, logo and label will stay same. only read to wear line will have st.laurent brand name. nothing will be changed. it seems everyone thinks that ysl actually changes its entire line and labels
  11. Talked to the owner of the store , some kinds of bags and shoes will be left the same, a lot of new bags, more expensive and the logo will be changed.
  12. idiot idea ...
  13. I agree-this is so insulting to the man himself. What right do they have to just decide to dishonour the man behind the iconic fashion house? I think it will lead to a drop in sales which I know may seem silly since its only a name but it's the name that makes the brand!