YSL fans... are there too few of us?

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  1. Sometimes I really wish that the YSL sub-forum here would as lively as the other ones like Chanel or Balenciaga, but I realized that YSL appeals to a certain kind of consumer that isn't as (dare I say) mainstream. The style is sleek, sophisticated, and slightly minimalist but with great attention to detail. To continue with my example of Chanel and Balenciaga, it's true that they make bags that are considered classics but this doesn't change the fact that their bags have become quite mainstream, at least in the designer handbag-owning community, to the extent that virtually everyone wants the 2.55 or any one of the motorcycle bags. However, I don't mean to bash on anyone here because the designs are nice and even I wouldn't mind owning a Chanel.

    I was just wondering if anyone else, like me, sort of enjoys that the YSL community is small in comparison to some other ones at TPF. In my opinion, YSL is definitely under-appreciated but at the same time, I wouldn't want everyone flocking to YSL in the way that they all drool over Chanels and LVs...
  2. I love the understated elegance/classic - ness of YSL. While I only own one - I get compliments on it EVERY time I wear it - from men and women. I am really wanting a Downtown tote in leather. I need a bigger bag and don't want logos screaming all over the place. Just want a well made bag that looks good. I can't speak to the quality of the leather , though , as the one I own is canvas with leather trim and the leather strap has actually begun to come "unglued" (had to have my shoe guy stitch it - sure I "ruined" any resale haha!)

    So hopefully there are others to speak to the quality. But for style and simple elegance I love many of the YSL styles. Plus it's nice to carry something that is special enough that only those in the know -- know!!!! fun little "secret"!!

    I love the LV's because they are so durable, but hate the logos. I also have Gucci bags which I love, but again logos and I have to "baby". But I am hoping that the Downtown will last and be durable -- perhaps get it in the patent? Just love the look of the buffalo black leather DT.

    Anyway....Very good observation!!! I feel the same way!!!
  3. i have a few chanel and balenciagas myself but ysl is my favourite brand along with jimmy choo.
  4. special ladies and gents appreciate ysl :smile:
  5. YSL bags are by far my favorite - design, details like the color of hardware, unusual elegance of each bag, like each one is the entire story for itself

    I just miss more girls on the forum, to help authenticate, to chat

    I hang out sometimes on Balenciaga, Dior and Hayden Harnett forums, because the girls there are into so much stuff, share other designer pieces, shoes, scarves...bussy bussy with action...we are quiet here just like our bags :tender:
  6. I must admit that I've been Bal obsessed and am very new to YSL having only owned one bag. Now I am a big fan of the Besace and the Easy bags. And I think there is a certain similarity between Bals and these bags in the way they are both understated and possess a certain edge. Also I think both are not as mainstream as some of the other brands. Even though the Bal subforum is quite lively, where I am from, I hardly ever see anyone carrying a Bal. Right this minute though, I'm right into the YSLs :smile:
  7. Although I don't own any YSL bags I recognise them when I see others carrying them (very rare where I live). Like many of you I love their understated beauty and elegance and I hope to own one someday soon. I come here often to drool at your collections!
  8. I love YSL bags but I just don't have the money to buy YSL. I like to have a lurk and look at everybody's collections though.
  9. I agree, even though a lot of people are familar with YSL as a brand you dont often see YSL bags. I dont know if its because people simply dont like the style/designs or because a lot of people opt for more mainstream brands that are easier to identify. I love my YSL bags and I think the quality is exceptional and in my opinion a lot better than some other high end brands. Even though sometimes it would be nice if this subforum were more active with more info on new bags etc. I like that its not as hectic as some of the other forums where I feel like there are so many new threads and issues going on that i've got to do so much back reading just to get what is going on!
  10. I have wanted a large Muse forever, sadly it hasn't happened for me yet. Anyway, I love YSL designs for their clean lines and elegance.
  11. Im a fan with two mombasas, but I usually hang out in the Vuitton-section as im an even bigger fan of LV.....
  12. I love YSL, for all the reasons stated already by you ladies, sadly I am yet to own any... I'm holding out for my HG, the Muse Two in multicolour :girlsigh:
    I check ebay everyday (sometimes two or three times)...
  13. i like YSL...i have sunglasses:heart:
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    I'm a proud owner of 7 Ysl bags. I also own Balenciaga LV and Chanel.I don't like logos and that why I love YSL.

    Ysl quality is the best, none of other brands have suede lining (not all the models but most of them).
    There are lost of models and all them looks completely diferent. Chanel, Lv and Balenciaga are always same models in different colours. Why do you want 10 Chanel bags? It seems that you are always wearing the same bag.
    Other thing I love about YSL bags are the different types of leathers. I love exotic leathers, crocodile, python...

    People like recognizable brand as a simbol of status. Ysl bags are not easy recognizable but everybody knows LV even If you are not interested in fashion.
  15. I love YSL bags though I don't hang out on this forum ( I do check out your collections often...) though, one day, hope to get an easy bag/love the downtowns too. Nearly got a besace a year ago then decided to get a ...Bbag, sorry!
    I hate logos too and love the chic of YSL! and though your impression is there are a "few" fans here on the tpf...I do think you're wrong...