YSL fall 2007 bag: what's the deal?

  1. It looks like they forgot to close their purses? :shrugs:

    These pics from the YSL ready-to-wear show in Paris, on style.com...

    YSL fall 1.jpg YSL fall 2.jpg YSL fall 3.jpg
  2. I might like the bag, IF it actually closes.
  3. ^^^^ Yes, it might looks really nice, but we need a different shot.
  4. egads! lol. I guess now we know that runway purses aren't filled with stuff!
  5. ^^^And that was the main bag that YSL featured during its runway show.

    The only other YSL bag picture on style.com was this one...

  6. That is just too weird!
  7. I think this one's gorgeous.
  8. ^^^Yeah, me too, but it's probably $$$$$. :sad:
  9. Do you think this bag is a shoulder bag and because of the way they're carrying it looks like that? If that is supposed to look like that then it looks really odd :s
  10. me too! I bet it will come in regular leather as well (as opposed to just exotics). It's so classic and feminine! It will be a lifetime bag. :heart: