YSL Fall 2006 Accessories (style.com)

    YSL Fall 2006 Accessories

    1. Zebra-print crocodile Rive Gauche zip tote
    2. Black leather Rive Gauche zip tote
    3. Anthracite leather east/west Rive Gauche top-zip bag
    4. Muse Indian pink satin mini tuxedo bag
    5. White clutch with stitching and metal closure.
    6. Black clutch with metal detail.
    7. Black leather, suede, and crocodile bag with chain strap.

    I like #3.
  2. WOW! Looove the pink mini-Muse!! I wonder its size comparing to the small Muse? :love: Thanks for the report, baglover!!
  3. The pink mini Muse is to die for. Gosh, imagine that one in leather and the large size.
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