YSL Everlong Mascara (purple)

  1. Hi all
    Wanted to share my glee with you after trying YSL Everlong Mascara. I was looking for a good colored mascara and I chose this in purple. YSL had another colored mascara line but when the SA told me that the Everlong included an ingredient to nourish and increase lash growth, I sprung for this one :smile:
    First thing I noticed is that it smells really nice, kind of like how DiorShow smells like roses. I love the scent! Second, I love the brush (plastic bristles). Third, the purple color is AWESOME!!! :graucho: It really adds pop to your eyes and adds good length to lashes. Lastly, the gold packaging is fabulous. I love this mascara!!! :nuts: Has anyone else tried it? Is there anything comparable, just in case I don't feel like splurging on this again?
  2. hmm, i might have to try this, thanks!
  3. I got it as well, it's nice..
    I love the Falce-curls or whats-it-called one as well - in black, brown and purple..
  4. Oh gotta try it, thanks for the info.
  5. Oooh must try this soon :biggrin: thanks for sharing!
  6. Thanks! I will buy and try.
  7. Sounds pretty. I love purple, I must check it out.
  8. yes yes yes! try it out girls and let me know what you think! i'm loving it! i bought diorshow (black) a few weeks ago and it hasn't been used since lol. the brush on this YSL is fantastic. really separates. and the color is like a purple/indigo. so pretty! my sister noticed it on me right away. i bought this at nemian's, btw...

    here's the link for Nordstrom
    Yves Saint Laurent 'Everlong' Lengthening Mascara - Eyes - Nordstrom.com
    Yves Saint Laurent Beaute - Everlong Mascara - Neiman Marcus
    it's definitely a splurge but i think it's worth it!
  9. i'm looking forward to trying it, you all make it sound so fabulous!
  10. i hope you try it and let us know what you think. i've been using it every day since i got it and my lashes feel so glamorous ;) i also love that it has an ingredient to enhance lash growth!
  11. I'm gonna buy this. I tried the new benefit blue badgal mascara but it was rubbish and did nothing for my lashes.
  12. ^ The color of the Badgal Blue is very similar to this YSL purple.