YSL Easy: Pantent vs. Leather?

  1. I've been eyeing the Easy for the past few years and can't decide whether I want it in patent or pebbled leather. Now with the name change, it's really convinced me to buckle down and get the bag but I'm still in the same predicament. I need your guys' advice, are there certain pros and cons for each leather?

    I heard that the patent leather scratches easily and becomes very visible. Anyone have this issue? Would love to hear from you guys, TIA!
  2. I love how the patent look. But I have no idea which one is better in long run
  3. I have the patent and there are no scratches on it at all! A very hardy bag!
  4. I have few patent items and YSL patent is THE patent to go with, indestructible...the only problem I have heard about is with light white or beige patent, if it gets stains it is hard to clean it

    I prefer regular (especially YSl bubbly) leather on larger items like bags, so that would be my choice. I can not pull off patent with my wardrobe.
  5. I have the Easy in the Pebbled Leather and also the Bowly in the PL which I love. It's so attractive and durable and just gets better over time. I don't own anything in Patent...not that I don't like it but my husband thinks Patent looks cheap and I can't get that out of my head :amuse:
  6. Well, I have to admit, I'm biased. I would always encourage anyone to go leather and particularly the pebbled leather from YSL. It is divine!

    That being said, YSL patent is known to be built tough. However, I personally only like small pieces in patent leather. Still, whichever one you go for (or both if you so choose :graucho:) will be fine in the long run.

    Best of luck!
  7. i hvae the Easy in grey patent and i agree that YSL patent is really the best patent around... however i really like the look of leather... it's so supple... i love my light grey Easy but if i was given the chance to choose again i'd pick leather :biggrin:
  8. Another vote for leather. Overall it's a better look.. When placed side by side the leather gives the bag a more luxurious look and plus, the leather gets even better with use!

    I'm attaching a pic of the two beside each other. Hopefully it helps you decide. Good luck!
  9. Thanks for the pics side by side! I definitely agree that the pebbled leather is more luxurious and beautiful. I think that is what I'm going to get but quick question, hows the PL in the rain? In Vancouver, it POURS! 99% of the time, which is why I contemplated the patent for so long.
  10. Glad the pic helped! :smile:

    Guess what, I'm in Vancouver too! I know exactly what you are talking about.. I mean, give us sunshine already! Geez.. Lol. Anyway, my Easy holds up to the rain quite well. I don't own an umbrella.. It takes 5-10 min to walk to my car everyday and although I constantly get raindrops on my Easy, it dries quickly and no traces of watermark ever shows.
  11. Perfect! That answers my question. I know, hellloooo sunshine where you at?
  12. There's a patent Bowly I'm eyeing. Can anyone share photos of one?:smile:
  13. Me too! I'm looking at a medium easy. Been coveting one for the longest time! This will be my FIRST YSL purchase. Please help me decide..Either tobacco in pebbled leather or azure (like a turquoise) in patent leather. I don't know which to get! Tobacco is a nice neutral colour but pebbled leather seems rather stiff, and the easy patent is so lovely and smooshy but I don't know if azure is a colour that can be matched easily.
  14. Hi honestly I've never been fan of the patent look . Leather feels n looks luxurious. Something u won't get bored in the future . My vote is leather :smile: