YSL Downtown...?

  1. What do people think? I keep reading that it's not been marketed well, not as celeb-led as the Muse etc...
    Anyone got one? I quite fancy it as I love big bags that you can actually carry on your shoulder...is this the case?
  2. I adore this bag, yes you can wear it on your shoulder!
  3. That bag is great!!! I bought it knowing it just from the photos, but yesterday i tried some on, and I find the style absolutly fantastic.
    I'll post pictures as sonn as I'll get mine.
  4. I love the style of this bag.
  5. I have one that is from the winter season that doesn't have the front pocket & zippers... it's gorgeous deerskin leather & lined in suede... are the still lining the spring ones like that? It's a great light bag, mine is the large ivory... I love the style. I think it's catching on now because I see many more being worn & in YSL ads.:yes: