YSL Downtown W/ or W/o Front Pocket?

  1. Could you offer any advice on the downtown (medium or large) with or without the front pocket? Which do you prefer?

    :love:Thank you!!
  2. With the pocket. I have the one with the pocket in front. I find it attractive because of the pocket in front, which perfectly accentuates the shape of the bag.
  3. yes, i agree. i'm going to get the one with the pocket. i absolutely love the downtown!!
  4. another vote for the one with the front pocket:tup:
  5. Me too!!! gonna get the one with pocket...i think the one with pocket is more attactive!!!:tup:
  6. Congrats on the decision to pick up a Downtown! Be sure to post pics when you have it!
  7. Definitely one with a pocket (or two pockets, as the patent Downtown has). The pocketless ones are too plain, IMO.
  8. I also think the ones with the pocket look better it just adds to the design and overall structure of the bag.
  9. Two Pockets? On the outside? I have a mini patent downtown and it only has one pocket outside and a small pocket inside.
  10. Yes, my patent Downtown (large) has outside pockets on both the front and the back. So does the ostrich Downtown, apparently, judging from this pic in the celebs thread...

  11. I vote with the pocket as well. However, the ones without the pocket have this soft lovely leather.
  12. I think the pocket gives the bag a slightly edgier look, with details like the extra zippers and the unfinished snap. The original, non-pocket version looks a little more timeless and classic to me, but it does lose some of the distinctiveness and character of the pocketed version of the bag.
  13. Sorry for the late post but I finally got around to posting my very first Silver Downtown!!

    FYI: I've been using it a lot and I have noticed that the silver finish is delicate. There are small areas on the handles and the corners that are showing wear and tear.

    Thanks for all your input!!:p
  14. meduim I guess , diffenetly with pockets
  15. Congratulations on your Downtown! The metallics are always so luxurious looking and work well through the different seasons. I'm sure you'll notice lots of people stealing glances when you're carrying it!