YSL Downtown vs Marc Jacobs Stam

  1. Hi guys, so I've been searching for a red purse for what feels like forever and finally bought the YSL downtown in red yesterday but I'm considering returning it and getting the Mark Jacobs Red Stam instead. Which one do you like best? DH likes the MJ bag but I am leaning towards the YSL (its just so big on the bottom!)

    example pics (havent downloaded mine yet)
    Stam Red.jpg
  2. I like the stam - but I love MJ so I'm not very objective......
  3. I would keep the downtown. YSL over MJ any day. The chain on the stam is pretty heavy and adds more weight to the bag. I don't think it is removable either. The downtown is a very light bag.
  4. YSL :tup:
  5. downtown. so much more useful, stam won't fit as much, gets heavy, and can't fit as easily under your shoulder.

    the ysl is classier, the stam trendier.
  6. i like the look of the stam more but i agree, YSL is classier
    the stam is copied WAY too much all over the streets (you can find it for $40 at any given cheap retailer)
    go for the YSL! =)
  7. The Stam chain is removable, btw...

    I have both bags (well, I owned the Stam at one point) and prefer the YSL. In the color that you are interested in, I think the YSL is better. The Stam is a very classic bag, judging by the fact that MJ keeps repeating it every season, but I think it's better in a more neutral tone.

    I think it really depends on what you are going to use the bag for and how much you carry. The YSL definitely holds a lot more, comfortably. You can fit a sizable amount in the Stam, but it's not as comfortable - the straps are too short to be carried over the shoulder with a jacket on, and the chain can also be bothersome on the shoulder.

    At the end of the day, it's a bag that you are going to carry, not your husband.
  8. i'm a big mj fan, so i'm also biased. i really liked the muse, but i had a problem with it being so deep. i carry a lot of things around with me, but it's a pain when you have to root around in the abyss that is a large handbag just to find your wallet or your keys. since the downtown is roughly the same size as the muse, i forsee the same problem.

    i like both bags. the red is going to look great for fall/winter. i like the stam more because it has more attention-grabbing detail (my style is classic, so i tend to rely on my handbags as statement pieces), and even though the stam has been replicated more than the downtown, this particular bag hasn't been faked, so you needn't worry about any oversaturation or overexposure.

  9. I also prefer the MJ stam, I don't like the squarish look of the YSL. The MJ looks fun , I wish I could afford one!
  10. I love the MJ Stam!
  11. Downtown for sure.. The Stam is SO heavy and quite frankly, the Downtown is more 'now' and modern.. i like the design much more.
  12. I love both, and particularly MJ so I am biased, but in this color I like the YSL better. I would get a stam in a more neutral color. IMO the stam is MUCH classier and the YSL trendier, however.
  13. Both are nice, but I would go with YSL, more current look.
  14. Stam all the way! Love MJ, love the Stam.
  15. YSL Downtown: "Hey, I'm a HOTT red bag, you know you want to carry me everywhere!"

    MJ Stam: "Hi I'm...another quilted MJ bag. Oh, and I'm red."