YSL Downtown - Tips/help?

  1. Hi All,

    Im new here and am looking at buying a YS Downtown, either the black patent in either size, or especially the new Fall quilted patent croc downtown tote.

    I need some help, i just dont know what to look for regarding authenticity, how to tell if its fake or not. Im not hot on YSL bags, im good with others but i just dont know enough about them yet! Can you all help me out, before i make a huge expensive mistake?!

    Im sure there is a post somewhere for 'YSL- what to look out for's' but i coudlnt find one, so i started a new one! Is there a section for Givenchy on this site also?


  2. I noticed that fakes don't have Y-S-L stamped on the bottom of the bag. Ussually!
    It's better to get a bag in a boutique or a shop that is known for selling authentic YSL.
    But if you'll find one on eBay, you must post it in the forum to have it authenticated ( I really don't know how to spell it :smile:)
    You can find also some Downtowns poping out at bluefly.
    I got mine large buffalo on sale in may at luisaviaroma
    Good luck finding one!!!
  3. Pinkur is right, better to be safe and buy from a reputable store (preferably a YSL boutique). Some people have had mixed experiences with the marked-down sites (like Bluefly), and I suppose fakes could potentially make their way into the higher-end dept stores (eg via returns processed by unknowing SAs).

    I LOVE the black quilted, I was just drooling over it in Nordstrom. I already have a medium downtown in another color so I forced myself to put it back.
  4. This week they have had some great deals on bluefly.. muse, downtowns, rive gauche & some tribute totes , even a black stamped downtown.. if you don't like what you get they have a 90 day return policy & $7.95 shipping so you can't lose too much. Just be sure you know the "real" price on a bag to know what discount you are actually getting.