YSL downtown patent w/ croc pattern or new Chanel?

  1. Okay, my dilemma: I have 5 Chanels (grey reissue, black 2.55, modern chain tote, cerf, GST in black). I can really only afford one bag this fall considering the drastic raise in prices. I bought the YSL black patent downtown tote w/ the croc pattern because I thought it was a good everyday bag (note that I already have the Muse in black leather).

    Now I am having second thoughts and wondering if I should have saved up a little more and gotten the Chanel expandable in red or black...

    I know this is the Chanel thread so there is an inherent preference, but I want a versatile bag wardrobe. What do you all think? Keep the downtown YSL? Get a Chanel instead? Or something else totally different?
  2. can you post pics of the downtown ysl?
  3. since you already have a similair ysl I woulde definately go for the expandable tote.
  4. I have the expandable and really like it, but I also have 2 Muses (1 medium and 1 XL) which I like a lot too. It is a tough call because the YSL tote is a nice bag and this is spoken by someone who loves Chanel. So if you love the tote keep it and do not second guess your decision. If you do not love it, take it back.
  5. Thank you for your input! I am so confused. Lately I have been in a major conundrum about handbags. I think it's because they're so pricey now that each piece becomes a major investment and I don't want to waste $2K on a bag that will be passe in a year. That's why I like Chanel so much - I know that they are always chic. I have tried on so many bags - the Chloe Elvire, the Chloe Heloise, the Miu Miu Coffer, the Mahala, a bunch of Zac Posens - and nothing has "wowed" me thus far or at least not enough to spend that much money.

    I do love the YSL but fear that maybe it is trendy or that it is too similar to the Muse. At the same time, another Chanel would not diversify my wardrobe either. Aaaah these decisions become so tough when you are on a budget!
  6. Alright, hope I can help. I totally know where you're at! I have the red patent YSL downtown. And own 4 chanels (cambon reporter, Jumbo Perfor flap, Lux bowler, and Timeless clutch). I think the YSL gives a little flare to my wardrobe (lots'o compliments). I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chanels as well. But adding on another one wouldn't make that much of a huge difference in terms of diversification (unless I had a money tree, than a totally different story :party:). So I vote that you keep the YSL. Wait a bit, until funds loosen up, and get a Chanel for your next perchase. And I think (and hope!) the Downtown will stay around a little bit! Hope this helps. BTW, ur downtown is LOVELY!
  7. i would say keep the ysl with croc pattern. it's lovely
  8. The way YSL made those croc-embossed patent leather bags this fall really is something! Before they were unveiled I had envisioned croc-embossed patent to look rather cheap and seasonal, but I was absolutely floored when I saw it (and touched it) IRL -- it looks stunning, classy, expensive, and timeless! I am actually "sacrificing" a Chanel or two this fall to buy the YSL large Tribute or the Downtown in croc-embossed patent (leaning towards the Tribute). Personally I prefer YSL's croc-embossed patent to Chanel's patent on reissue flaps -- I know....not the best comparison.....but if I'm getting only one patent bag this fall it'll definitely be the YSL. So I say KEEP the YSL!
  9. Thank you so much for the input ladies! I love this forum because you all always give such good advice ;)

    Right now I am leaning toward keeping it. I am going away on vacation today so hopefully my week out of the country will give me some time to do that important reflection on the substance and quality of my handbag wardrobe :graucho:

    I miss the good old days when $500 was a lot for a handbag...
  10. Hmm. I'd go for the expandable. It's a lot different than any of the other Chanels you have. :yes:

    Both are fantastic bags though.
  11. go go go for the the expandable...hihihi.
  12. i'm a chanel girl but i'll definitely go with ysl. hands down.