YSL DownTown on SALE

  1. Hi

    anyone saw " any where in the world " Black meduim downtown or any Ostrich color meduim downtown on SALE ....
    the open with pockets on front ...

    Please HELP !

    Thanks & HAPPY 2008 may all your wish come true ...
  2. I guess No " ha !
  3. The YSL boutiques currently have some downtowns on sale. No black, but in some other colours. If you call Miguel at YSL Houston, he can look through their system to see what is left on sale at all the boutiques. Good luck!
  4. how much are they going for?
  5. ^^^ Sorry, can't recall. They just had their second (final) cut. I picked up a tribute for around 500, originally 1200.
  6. saw two in South Coast Plaza (CA) YSL boutique last weekend. they are on sale for like $899-999. dark brown and lighter color brown.. sorry i do not have their number you can google it.

  7. I called London store & they told me that in all europe only TAN color is on sale ...
    and the black color never go on sale ! is that ture ?

    What do you think ? shall I buy the tan on sale or shall i just buy the black on Full price?
  8. there are a few dowtowns on koodos.com... but not the one you are looking for i think..hope you find this useful!
  9. mmmmm Any one can post a pic of the downtown Tan?