YSL Downtown large tote, fits over shoulder?

  1. Does anyway know if the YSL Downtown large tote will fit over your shoulder so that it can be comfortably worn?
  2. [​IMG]
    Not sure...
  3. yes, i've seen it carried easily on the shoulder
  4. oh great thanks for your help !
  5. This bag fits very comfortably over the shoulder and is SO practical chic!
  6. does anyone know if the double tote fits easily over the shoulder? thanks!
  7. do you mean the large size ?
    yes the summer collection does easily however the cruise collection ones have a slightly smaller strap, it does still fit but it is snug, i don't know why this is but i went to ysl to try both.
  8. Peony, I'm confused, there is a cruise collection and summer collection for the double totes? They are different sizes? How about the winter double totes? Are they the same? Sorry for all the confusion.
  9. I think the downtown only came out with the cruise collection ..on. but i am not sure however, the size of the bags in spring/summer and cruise are the same , it is only the strap size that is a little larger on the spring/summer.