YSL Downtown in RED

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  1. PLEASE help me find this!!!

  2. I LOVE her bag!
  3. Anyone??
  4. I know where there is a purple not red sorry
  5. Yes, I too have only seen the purple. That red one is fun! I hope you find it.
  6. I think if you go to ysl.com you can look up ysl boutiques in your area...i think they will sell over phone and ship to you too...this red patent downtown is gorgeous., good luck, hope you find it.
  7. found it, bought it!
  8. congrats!
    let see a model pic!
  9. ordered it as charge-send - it arrives in about a week!
  10. I'm thrilled for you :smile:
    I'm really tempted to get one too.
    Can't wait to see your pics
  11. the purple and red are both gorgeous !
  12. That's one hot bag- glad you found it!
  13. red patent YSL bag... *drool* :drool:
  14. I can't remember exactly which retail website---but it was posted on the purse blog under one of the daily entries---close to the time when the NY times report came out talking about tulip red bags and had a pic of all these bags....look back a few days (week). It was sold under one of those online stores in Europe b/c I remember it being like 800Euros or something like that
  15. Congrats on finding!