YSL Downtown in Cypress *green*

  1. This Downtown bag has popped up on Saks.com and Bergdorf's too. The color is called "Cypress." It looks kind of dark in the pic, but I bet its gorgeous IRL!

    Saks says the expected ship date is no later than 9/8/2007


    Downtown Cypress.JPG Downtown Cypress 2.JPG
  2. ^ I think it'll look nice in real life too. =)
  3. I thought I wanted a black Downtown, but green is my favorite color. This could be the one for me! But in the medium, not large size, I think.
  4. nice shade of green!
  5. Love it. It must look really interesting irl.
    Can't wait to see it.
  6. WOW.....i need a downtown in this colour :cry:
  7. absolutely gorgeous. if i saw one of these in real life i would not be able to stop myself drooling. this would look good with so many colours!
  8. Any chance will the nice purse go on sale?
  9. OMG Cosmo, it's a beauty! I love green, too. I would go with a medium as well.
  10. I think I'm moving this one to the top of my wishlist!
  11. oh its gorgeous!
    LOVE the color!
  12. totally gorgeous !
  13. Oh man,I WANT this bag,but in medium. The boutique in I use doesn't have it...and doesn't know if they;re getting it...:tdown:

    I may have to try London!
  14. I saw this bag in the medium size last week at my local YSL boutique. The color was nice; close to the pic above, a dark olive. You could try calling them, but I have no idea whether they ship internationally.

    Yves Saint Laurent 301-656-8868
    5510 Wisconsin Ave
    Bethesda MD 20815-4403

  15. Bergdorf's ships internationally:blink: