YSL Downtown Dilemma

  1. I'm interested in a YSL Dtwn, but I'm confused about which size to get. I'm seeing lots of small and large online at NMs and Saks, but then I stumbled across a couple of them labeled medium. The measurements of med are suspiciously close to the large measurements. Are there really 3 sizes or just 2? The YSL website isn't much help on this one. Anybody know about these?
  2. I was interested in this bag for a while. I have only seen two sizes - I'm not sure this will help because it's not official but I saw a "gigantic" one (which was stunning but impractical) and then I saw what I consider a "normal" size. The smaller was approx. $1595 and the larger was approx. $1795. That's as much as I know -
  3. there are three sizes.

    the small is actually super duper tiny, and surely not a bag worth buying since it's $1000. then there's the medium, and the large, which is EXTREMELY large and has a weird handle drop. a bit off, imho.

    the best bet is the medium, which is the one that isn't featured in the ads.