YSL DOUBLE -Still produced?

  1. Hello my ladiesss,
    I have a nother question.

    Is the YSL DOUBLE still produced?

    Unfortunatly I love in Europe, in Austria. And there is only ONE shop which offers YSL Bags. Though they have a wide range of YSL bags they dont have the Double anymore.

    I was wondering if YSL still produces it or whether it was just a "one Season" bag.

    Hope one of you could help me.

  2. i believe it's still produced.

    i've seen several at YSL houston, and a few in recent weeks.
  3. Yes it is. As a matter of fact, saw a small double in silver and purple in YSL boutique SCP onsale for $699.
  4. Hi Saskia!

    I am not sure if the YSL double sac is still produced, but I have seen them available online. I think ysl.com had one available a few weeks ago. If you email or call ysl boutiques, they may be able to help you find one.
  5. I hope so - I just bought the brown and bronze at Bergdorf's!!! Just so you know, the purple and silver and the white and gold are both on sale at YSL stores.

  6. Hi! What store in Austria sells YSL bags? I have a friend going there and I would like to ask her to buy me a Vavin duffle. Thanks!!:smile: