Ysl Double Bag

  1. Hi guys...

    I'm thinking of getting a YSL double bag...which size would you guys recommend? Im not that tall (5ft 3 1/2in), so im afraid that the large might be too big.

    Tell me what you guys think! Thanks!
  2. such a cute bag...you might want to move this to the ysl forum though. mods?
  3. thanks nerdphanie! i posted my question to the ysl forum already. :biggrin:
  4. can you post pic of the bag? :P
  5. I have the smaller one and it is a reasonable size. The only down side is that the drop on the small one isn't long enough to wear over the shoulder, so it is a hand/arm bag. If you want a tote that you can put over your shoulder, I would get a larger one. HTH!
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