YSL Double Bag

  1. Has anyone seen the real thing? Only saw it in the magazine and looks like a very comfortable bag to use.
  2. Its a gorgeous bag! My next buy!

    Its gold on te outside and white on the inside and can be worn inside out! So its both a white and a gold bag! AND its gorgeous! SOOOO many celebs have been seen wearing it!
    Ive been trying but I can't find a pic to post!
  3. Hey ladies: I was totally unfamiliar with this bag until I saw it featured in a YSL ad in today's New York Times. Looks interesting.

    I can't seem to find any pics to post, but the bag is shown on the YSL web site. That one is reversible from black on one side to anthracite/silver on the other...
  4. Does anyone know how much is it?
  5. In the New York Times ad, it was listed for $995. I think the bag comes in two sizes; not sure which one that was...
  6. That's a very tempting price. I really want one now.Hope it will arrive in store very soon.Anyone has pics?
  7. I'll scan my magazine later and post photos!

    I don't like the handheld Muse but REALLY like this one!!!:yes:
  8. Thank you Swanky mama, I'm looking forward to seeing it.
  9. here ya go!
    LOVE this bag!
  10. Ohh thanks so much Swanky mama.. You are so quick... Correct me if i'm wrong.From the pic ,it seems to have two sides: silver and gold.Anyway, it looks gorgeous
  11. no, I think they come in a silver or gold, but the bag is the same color on both sides.
  12. I had not seen that...but I love how it looks! The magazine says it comes in three color combos, too.
  13. No, I believe that the bag is not the same color on both sides. :shrugs: Go to YSL.com and check it out. They currently are listing two color combos of the "Double Reversible Tote":

  14. oh weird! in the mag it looks consistent on both sides{?}
  15. I checked out the bag at the boutique over the weekend. The one I saw is black and metallic grey. HONESTLY, I don't quite like it, because it is too soft, and the whole bag looked pretty saggy on me. If I had Uma's height it would look smashing, but it's not for me! (I'm 5'3')

    Loved the muse though.