YSL College or Mixed Matelasse Envelope?


YSL College or YSL Envelope?

  1. YSL College Medium

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  2. YSL Envelope Mixed Quilting Matelasse Medium

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  1. Hi I’m going into YSL tomorrow and I’m looking to buy a nice medium sized YSL bag.

    I have narrowed down my options to the YSL Envelope Mixed Matelasse Satchel in Medium or the YSL College in Medium.

    I really love both but can only have one. I will probably get black with silver hardware but I feel the envelope bag might look better with Gold Hardware, thoughts?

    Looks wise which is better?

    Any pros/cons from those who own the bags?

    I want to use it most days whether it be to work or casual. Thank you :smile:
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  3. Thank you, good to know you love your Medium College bag.
    Thank you so much for the reply. I looked at the other thread but it’s to do with the classic Chevron style envelope, but I would like to know if people like/hate the Mixed quilting Matelasse envelope. I’m glad you have 2 Medium College bags and love them. I was obsessed with the College then saw the envelope and fell in love too.
  4. I normally like the look of a more structured bag, but I prefer the college bag in this case. I feel it can be worn more casually or dressed up, whereas the other one looks more formal. I also think the mixed patterns look a little distracting and might be more trendy rather than classic.
  5. Thank you I was worried it might look too trendy in mixed pattern quilting but the structure is so beautiful. Maybe I should wait until they get the classic Chevron back in stock, unless it’s discontinued?
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  6. Yes I really love the structure! I also feel that structured bags are more classic and long lasting. Do you mean this style? It's in stock on net-a porter still, and I've also seen it in stores a couple of months ago! If you feel that's what you love I would wait and not settle :smile: upload_2018-6-12_13-37-31.png https://www.net-a-porter.com/us/en/product/739090?cm_mmc=Google-ProductSearch-US--c-_-NAP_EN_US_PLA-_-NAP_US-EIPAQ_GS_Designers+%28Low%29_HHI_1-20--Designers_AM&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxLPq5dTO2wIVARhpCh1pEA3kEAQYECABEgKD_vD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  7. Yes I’ve always loved that one! But finding it impossible to find in my country, all sold out. Thanks for the link. To be honest I do love the mixed matelasse but want to make sure it’s classic enough.
  8. If that's what you truly love then maybe go for it! I've heard debates if people consider the chevron pattern classic as well, since it can be seen as a trendy/busy pattern too. It's better to just go with your own interests in the end because who knows what will be considered 'classic' in a few years time. But if safe is what you prefer, I would think the classic chevron is one. Good luck with your choice, and let us know if you decide!
  9. I have the YSL envelope and I love it. You won’t be disappointed
  10. Hi dear do you have the chevron or mixed pattern quilting?
  11. I have the black ghw envelope in the chevron. I saw the mixed at the YSL store in NJ at the Short Hills Mall around a month ago. SA did mention that both styles are selling out fast
  12. Here she is IMG_1607.jpg
  13. Heaven! Such a gorgeous, gorgeous bag. Very stylish and classic.
  14. Thanks. She’s one of my favorites
  15. ssense.com has several of these bags on sale on their website including the classic chevron as well without the mixed Matelasse. I like the classic and college over the mixed. I do think it’s more versatile. GL deciding!