YSL College bag Peeling

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  1. have thid bag and bought it from a official YSL shop in Spain. After use of the bag of around 4-5 months I have exactly the same problem as what you have on your picture. The leather seems to peel at the back of the bag and we brought it back to the store, they have send the bag to
    Italy and after 1 month I received a call that the bag is not repairable and that is just wear and that they won’t exchange the bag. I could pickup the bag or they would destroy it if i won’t accept the bag back at the stage how it is now. This is my second YSL bag and it would be the last one to. I don’t know where to complain anymore ....

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  2. wow this is really bad, feel sorry for u :sad: the college has always been in my wish list, now i'll never buy it even if its heavily discounted.
  3. Oh no, didn’t they even give a solution?
  4. That’s sad to hear. I don’t think that is good customer service. I think they should have at least repaired it or given you money towards a repair if they weren’t going to exchange it. :sad:
  5. No no solution, the answer was that they have send the bag to italy and they received it back and says it’s impossible to repair. Then I asked if I could change for another bag or a voucher and got as answer no. I saw on YouTube a person that brought in a bag for repair that was much and much worse then my bag and the warranty even passed 1-2 months and she got it repaired for free. It seems that YSL services are not the same in different countries. After my 5 minutes conversation with the YSL store the lady explained to me if I didn’t accept the bag back she would need to have to destroy it and I wouldn’t get anything back for it. So I urgently gave her my address to send the bag back to us. For us NEVER EVER YSL again
  6. Here you have the video when the bag was in a very bad condition of the girl of the video
  7. ....it seems the sheepskin ones are more prone to wear? I haven't had any issues with my suede and calf/suede colleges
  8. Yes that could be, but within a couple months of minor use. It already had a dent when I bought the bag the first day
  9. Why are people still buying this bag after so much complains
  10. Cause it’s beautiful ;)
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  11. Hmm I had my medium college for months and never had that happened to me... So sorry this happened to you but the luxury stores in my country generally won't reimburse any funds back or repair for free (unless it's Chanel...)