YSL College bag large vs Lou Lou medium

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  1. which one of these two beauties gets your vote and why?

    College bag ( large) vs Lou Lou ( medium )

    can't decide .. please help me.

    which one is prettier, more durable, can fit more etc ..

    please share your experience

    thanks for any help !! :smile:
  2. I had the same dilemma when looking online. I went to the store today and found the college bag much more to my taste - the Lou Lou bag just seemed too squishy and slouchy.
  3. totally agree !! I had the same thoughts. Bought the large college and I love it so much !! Perfect size, got so many compliments for it!!! it Looks like the Chanel flap but is just more stylish, Young and edgy. i love it so much!!:heart::heart::heart::heart:
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  4. Hi, is the top handle of the College bag detachable? And can the long strap be worn as double strap? Thanks in advance :smile: