YSL Cognac Roady

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  1. Does anyone have the YSL cognac roady with interior animal print? I am thinking of purchasing this bag and would love any feedback. Thanks!:smile:
  2. I don't own it in cognac but I definitely recommend the bag! :tup:
  3. Would love to get feedback too, as this is one on my wish list, just haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  4. It's available at Nordstrom to look at. It's quite nice but I just don't understand why that lining and the pouch makes it that much more expensive.

    I'm not a tan kind of girl so I passed on it. It is pretty though.
  5. Mine's arriving in two weeks, the color and the lining really goes well together its a classic bag that would get a lot of mileage, a plus factor for me is that it is not an "it" bag at the moment...I think.. w/ch makes it more special, I do hope you get yours first!!
  6. So happy to "hear" a discussion of this bag! I have been obsessing over this bag and actually ordered it (I'd post a pic if I knew how :smile:) and sent it back thinking I'd gotten the wrong color. It looks tan on-line-- which is the color I want -- but when I got it, it is very brown, and worse -- calf leather. Sort of hippie and very casual -- not sure it fits with the leopard lining??? I was going for casual elegance but....
    I am still considering re-ordering when Friends and Family at SAKS starts but just don't know. Sort of browsing the Jimmy Choos Rikis now. I'd be interested in hearing more opinions on the Roady though -- it would be perfect in tan leather with leopard lining!

  7. Wait.... the cognac color is not tan?? hmmmmm intresting..