Ysl clothes

  1. Hi guys,

    I am a fan of YSL logo "YSL" top. I love the logo . Before i can see the clothes in YSL website but not now. Anyone knows the reason? and where to buy the YSL clothes? thanks
  2. That is interesting that the site has no clothes/RTW on it. Have you looked at other stores that sell YSl such as Neimans or Saks?
  3. Yes i dont know why they dont put the clothes anymore. thanks for your suggest,i will have a look later ;)
  4. Just came back from YSL boutique in NYC,
    I was told they are being discontinued

  5. My SA told me that because of the name change, all the YSL logo tshirts are being discontinued. I'm pretty sure stock has been depleted too because in May when I checked there were only a few seasonal styles left.
  6. I got a YSL crewneck size medium today from the Hawaii store. I called around to most stores and they didn't have it. They informed me that they had a couple left at the Hawaii store so hopefully they have the sizes you guys need. Please tell me how it goes! :smile: