YSL Chyc Flap, PS11 or Celine Box? Vote for me pls!

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  1. I agree Tingeling! Nice to meet you again here... Definitely Celine Box!
  2. I'n that case I think you answered you own question. If you want a bag that is tame and you feel Celine is to expensive I'd go with YSL. I like all three of the bags.
  3. Hi, yes ... that Celine:smile: So simple and chic! I was in Firenze this week and saw the most beautiful Celine medium box in warm yellow ponyhair!!! Wow, I tried it on and fell in love! But then my inner sense spoke to me, and sent me to the Louis Vuitton store instead LOL! I needed a bag to use for work so I ended up buying the SC bag! I managed to get the cherry one so I have no regrets , but I do still dream of that Celine :smile:
  4. I personally like the PS11. Celine is nice too, but for the price I like the PS11 much more. Not a big fan of the Chyc Flap.
  5. I love my Celine Box and it's classy, understated style. The price is steep compared to the other two, but I feel it is worth the money. Runner-up would be the PS11.
    A Balenciaga City is also a great option, but a different style compared to the three options you listed ;)
  6. So, did you ever get one of these bags?
    Just curious...

  7. I vote for YSL. I just ordered the Cabas Chyc (satchel) and am waiting for it to arrive. I also checked out the shoulder bags and they were also fabulous. I have been a longtime fan of YSL bags and they hold up really well.

    As for the PS11, I'm not a PS fan. I think their bags start to look dated quickly and the 11 is just too busy. As for Celine, I like Celine bags but don't own one.
  8. have you made up your mind? I like the YSL it's a subtle beauty.
  9. celine box!
  10. Both are great but I would prefer Celine and celine bags are so hot right now
  11. The Celine Box without a doubt
  12. Celine.
  13. 1. Céline 2. YSL. 3. PS11
  14. i will only be heading to paris in october. still hv 3 months to consider. celine box is classic, but they already had reviews that the leather scratches and so lots of babysit will be required. i might go for the ysl... heehee, still open to choices. girls are fickle-minded!
  15. Have you decided yet? I have a Chyc Flap and its divine. That's my vote. Beautiful, elegant, and understated.