YSL Chyc Flap, PS11 or Celine Box? Vote for me pls!

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  1. I am on my journey to get the best shoulder bag. I need your votes. I will be heading to Paris in October and I def do not want to go home empty-handed.

    1) YSL Chyc Flap bag - it comes in pale beige which is a lovely understated nude color.
    2) Proenza Schouler PS11 - the design is effortlessly chic and edgy.
    3) Celine Box bag - the classic shoulder bag. the price is rather expensive too.

    All stated in medium size.

    I need a tame bag for travelling. Not a "loud" bag like Chanel or LV. Please recommend if you do have other shoulder bag that you think I should put in my list.
  2. among the 3 i will go with celine box, i'm getting one for myself soon too :smile:
  3. Another vote for the Celine box :heart: It's functional as well as beautiful.
  4. Don't like the PS11 at all, too much stuff going on with the front.

    I love both of the other two. What makes it hard is that the YSL is a lot cheaper than the Celine, no? Of course I haven't handled either in person, so hard to say if the higher price is justified.
  5. Ysl
  6. Celine Box!
  7. Definately the box. :smile:
  8. If price isn't an issue, Celine box!
  9. The box~~~~~~
  10. My vote - YSL, then Celine but not the Proenza Schouler
  11. the celine cost twice the amount of YSL chyc and PS11. :sad: it's so hard to decide. i might get a balenciaga city instead, but i heard so much stories about the leather color fading problem. the celine is def a better buy, but at 2400euros, i am not sure if it's justifiable. i mean a luggage, at the biggest size (shoulder), cost just 1700euros.
  12. Celine or YSL but not the PS...
  13. Hi, I really love this YSL

    But I have gotten the Celine Box because I worry I'll get bored of that big Y. It stands out like the Hermes H, but then Hermes is Hermes, if you know what I mean. I would get the Celine box if I were to pay full price for a new one, but If you get a really good second hand price on the YSL I would go for that one!
    Good Luck;)
  14. I vote for YSL Chyc Flap bag :smile:
  15. If you don't mind the scratches that you'll get on the Celine Box, then that would be my #1. YSL and PS11 are equal to me, if those were my only 2 choices, I'd be confused!!! Both are gorgeous.