YSL chyc cabas leather

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  1. Do they come in two different kind of leather???

    The red chyc cabas looks textured and the grey looks smooth. help..
    f41427444-ac-1408xf6x0600x0579-m.jpg d71653906-ac-2619xf4x0551x0600-m.jpg
  2. Yes they do. It may be sheepskin or calfskin. Sheepskin is textured, more buttery :smile: and slouchier, while calfskin is smoother, sturdier, thus holds up the bag's shape more. I have the mini cabas chyc in sheepskin :smile:
  3. So maybe you know the the answer to this question: is it the difference in the leather also coincide with the sizes of these bags? If i remember the medium costs more than the large and is more structured, too?

  4. Thank you for your information. Really help.

    I am still hunting the mini chyc cabas. I think any leather wont bother me at all . (desperately looking for one :sad:
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    I am not too sure on this and I am open to corrections ftom other TPFers :smile: There's no difference if its sheepskin or calfskin, the difference in prices of medium or large bags is if it's made of other materials like wool felt, which is cheaper or if the leather is lizard embossed, calfhair or nubuck, which are more expensive.
  6. The mini cabas chyc is either sheepskin or calfskin, but the medium and large ones may be of other types: calfhair, wool felt, embossed or even nubuck (men's bags).
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    The first one is the mini tweed stamped leather (not sure what kind) and the second one is sheepskin leather. The mini Chyc exists in both types, but mostly in the latter.
    The mini tweed ones are stiff and the sheepskin ones are soft and more slouchy.
  8. I recently purchased a black mini chyc in tweed leather and I gotta say, definitely worth the jump in price. It was $2090 vs. $1795. Much sturdier, less slouch, doesn't get scuffed/damaged as easily and looks a lot more luxurious in my opinion. If I hadn't walked into the store that day, I wouldn't even have known it existed.. I haven't seen this version listed anywhere online and I've been stalking this bag for months.

  9. I bought my black medium chyc cabas on Jul12, and yesterday I suddenly notice the lining on the the top of the bag was cracked, and now i can see white color underneath the black lining 😭 The stressing part is, I bought her in Singapore which is a direct store, meanwhile i live in Indonesia and there's no direct store, only a franchise one. Any cabas owner had the same problem with the cracking lining?
  10. How is this particular bag lined?

  11. ooh, he's (if you pardon me, it just gives me a cute boy vibe :smile:) so purrttty!
  12. Black satin! A lot nicer than the fabric lining in the other one.. it also has 2 cell phone pockets, in addition to the zipper pocket.

    haha thanks! :smile:
  13. When was the lizard embossed or tweed leather released? It's gorgeous!
  14. I am planning to get the mini cabas, the newest version by SLP. I am wondering if it's of Tweed leather as well?
  15. it isn't it is calf leather! I have it and its pretty soft! But perhaps they have the tweed leather version too, i'm not sure though.