YSL Choco large Muse...

  1. Hi, I am new to the forum-but I am buying a large choco muse, and I was wondering if anyone had a pic of this bag? I would love to see it on someone, I am 5'7 and of a slender build...I think the large would be best for me, but wanted to see pics if possible!

  2. Welcome! If you browse and search through this YSL subforum, you will see a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of the different Muse sizes, plus many pictures. Good luck with your purchase!!

    (p.s.--I am 5'4" and own the Oversize Muse in Chocolate and I love it, but its really a personal choice about what you feel most comfortable with!)
  3. I'm 5' 7" too and I own the over sized in black. I think you shd be able to pull it off. I tried the large and it didn't look very good on me.