YSL Cherry Velour with Lucite Heels!

  1. Does anyone else besides me own these? They came out a couple of seasons ago, and mine are still in the box, never worn. Just don't know what to wear them with! Any ideas?
    They are red velvet, with crystals in the lucite heels. They come with the most adorable crystal covered cherry clip-ons.
    I just feel that they are too pretty to wear!! I mean, the soles are GOLD!:heart:
  2. they sound beautiful but alas, i do not own a pair.... can you show us a photo?
  3. please show us a photo! I'm drooling!
  4. Wear them...they will get cuter the more people that ooohhh and aahhhh over them!
  5. wear them!!! I always wanted that pair... so beautiful! wear them with a gorgeous volumnious gold babydoll dress!! *dreams*
  6. I remember those! Now, they really are wearable art! I think they'd be great for Autumn evenings, with an all black outfit, with black opaque tights, a simple black, or red, clutch bag and subtle jewellery.

    They should defiinitely be the main focus of your outfit. :yes:
  7. OOh, I know exactly what pair you mean. I love these, and very nearly got a pair!

    Can I ask, has the liquid in the heels reduced at all? I always wondered if it would evaporate, and you'd be left with heels with a pile of the lovely sparkles inside?

    And re your sandals? I think they are fabulous enough to be worn with anything!!!