YSL Celebrates NM's 100th Anniversary!!!

  1. Here is the YSL Downtown that has been designed by YSL to commemorate NM's 100th Anniversary! Here it is!!! Enjoy!!!

    Remember, these are limited quantity so call your NM SA if you want to pre-order asap! If you need an SA, I strongly recommend my SA, Lisa Hamlin (248) 635-8442~
  2. do you know the price?
  3. Nice, I wonder how much it cost!
  4. Love it. Great bag.
  5. Very Very NICE!!!! :okay:

    Congratulations ...
  6. Nice. I wonder if it comes in different sizes. Hmmmmm.......
  7. I called my SA to find out about the price- she is going to find out for me and I will post as soon as I hear back from her!
  8. Very nice! Thanks for posting Jag. =)
  9. oh hell yes!!!

    i need this!
    does it come in the oversize??