YSL catalogue pics: Rive Gauche and Double bags

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  1. Here are some more pics of a couple of bags several of us have been obsessing about, from a new YSL catalogue that I just got in the mail.

    First is the Rive Gauche zip tote (larger) for $1,495 and the Rive Gauche satchel (smaller) for $1,295 in black, anthracite, and forest.
  2. Next is the Double tote in small $995 and medium $1,195. As many of you know, the bag is reversible. Here are the black/anthracite version and the chocolate/bronze version.
  3. Ilike the Rive Gauche bags, the jury is out on the double bags.
  4. ^^ Ditto here!
  5. I actually really like the Double, since seeing a photo in the NY Times Style section recently. Anyone know the dimensions?
  6. I like the Double too! Thanks for the photos Cosmopolitan
  7. I like the Rive Gauche.
  8. I love the zip tote...does anyone know how long the shoulder strap is? Long enough to use across?
  9. I adore Rive Gauche! Like it even better than the Muse!
  10. I missed this thread. Thank you for sharing Cosmopolitan. =)
  11. hi all, this is for who asked about the dimensions, according to Sak's that bag measures 14 x 11 x 4, all in inches...apparently it's got a lot of room but compared to my muse it's on the smallish side for a tote.
  12. I agree!

    The RG satchel looks so cute but I wonder if it can be worn over the shoulder. It's calfskin, right?

    Thanks again Cosmo - you are so great to post pics :smile:
  13. is there ay rive gauches in ostrich?
  14. I saw the Rive Gauche IRL this weekend and was surprised at how much I liked it. The pics don't do justice to it.
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