YSL Card holders Question

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  1. I've got both a Saint Laurent card holder and Chanel card case. I've seen a bit of leather peeling on Saint Laurent one on the inside where you slip the cards in and out (could which has made me use it only on special occasions as I don't want to ruin it further, so I find myself using my Chanel card case the most. I use my Chanel almost daily (bought 9 months ago) and have no signs of wear so far
  2. Is your Chanel one in caviar? I wanted to get a SAint Laurent as it's lower priced and looks pretty, but it doesn't hold up well I may go for Chanel instead.. thanks !
  3. did you make a decision on this? I am still researching if YSL or Chanel. If YSL doesn't hold up I would rather spend 150 more on a chanel piece instead of YSL peeling off. thank you for the feedback =)
  4. I've been using my gray YSL card holder for nigh on 10 months and it is looking still fabulous. Not brand new but still structured, stiff (but looser than new), and still nicely puffy. Edge wear yes but no bent corners or wrinkles. Lets see if I can post a picture. I bought mine last June but was afraid to wear it for a couple weeks cuz it was sooo prrettyyy. Also the metal emblem has held up nicely!
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  6. YSL is fabulous quality. Saint Laurent really work hard on fixing any known quality issues. Chanel is lovely but the only reason it’s more expensive is because it’s Chanel not because it’s necessarily better quality.
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  7. my ysl Card holder Looks still brand new after 2 years of daily use
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