YSL Card holders Question

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  1. how's the black hardware holding up?
  2. I just got the Gucci Marmont cardholder and not impressed with the quality. I think I am going to return it and get this one instead
  3. Does anyone have the 5 fragments zip pouch? How are you liking it? How does it hold up?
  4. I have a beige card holder with gold hard ware that I got as a Christmas present last year.

    On the bottom two corners of the card, the beige leather color has worn off and now the corners are showing this brown color. Same with the seams on the corner with the first pocket is, and there are other places on the card case where the leather is flaking off.
    Im not the kind of person to baby luxury things. I have a mindset if it's nice, Im gonna use it everyday in every situation kind-of-girl.

    yes I probably could have been more careful with this, and probably not throw it around as much as I do, but I am a little disappointed and I feel like the quality of YSL is a little meh in my eyes.

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  5. Oh thats awful! Planning to buy one but I'm scared for the quality. Maybe its the color?
  6. I have the fragments cardholder in 'fard' and I love it! It's super practical and pretty. The zippered pocket is also great for cash. The slots can hold my cards even when I have an RFID blocking sleeve on them. I've ripped the card slots on an LV wallet because it couldn't accommodate the card with the sleeve. I can't comment on the glazing since I haven't had it for that long.
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  7. I have the longer one in fuchsia, not chevron but I'm finding it gets dirty really quickly. Does anyone else have this problem?
  8. I was wondering how the gold logo holds up on your card holders as I saw a YT review stating that his was chipping.
  9. IMG_2528.JPG
    I just got this today (ordered from Nordstrom) and it's so gorgeous! I love that the leather feels firm and sturdy. I hope I don't get any chipping issues on mine...I've seen quite a bit of people online have their cardholders for years and they look perfect. Maybe they switch it out often for other wallets? Anyhoo, I'm hoping mine does well because it's so gorgeous!
  10. So pretty. How many cards does it hold? 4 total? I love the looks of it but I don't know if 4 cards is enough
  11. +1 I just got this card (my first YSL piece) and I absolutely love it!
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  12. Card holder twins!!! :drinks:
  13. My pale rose card holder is showing similar wear signs. The corners are peeling. However, I have only used it for less than 10 times and I baby mine!! So disappointed with the quality.
  14. Yeah, it holds 2 in the front and 2 in the back. There is also a middle section that can hold s card as well. I suppose you could double up the cards in each slot but it would stretch it out a bit.
  15. Yeah literally my card holder, purchased a few months ago, started feeling gummy at the corners so I thought it got dirty from something sticky. But then I realized that corner wear was a normal issue with this item. Since mine is in black caviar leather, you really can't tell. I'm hoping it doesn't get worse as it's already past the return period.
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