YSL Card holders Question

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  1. I looked through Chanel cardholders and I wasn't particularly impressed. After seeing the Chevron style YSL cardholders, I'm hooked. Any reviews on this item?
  2. I have the chevron cardholder in navy. I love it! At first it was very stiff but with time it has loosen up a bit. The quality is great, I would recommend it :smile:

  3. Thank you! It sounds like a winner.
  4. I have the navy chevron cardholder. I also had the Chanel /YSL dilemma. I ended up keeping the YSL (it matches one of my YSL WOC'S) I LOVE IT

    You will not regret it. It is very stiff, but then softens and becomes puffy.
    You will love it.

    Even my husband was more impressed with the YSL cardholder v. the Chanel lambskin one. (no hate to Chanel, I love it too :graucho:)

    Show us your purchase! Excited to see what you will pick!
  5. I do have a card holder (not the chevron one) and agree that the card slots are stiff, especially the bottom slot (if there's two slots on one side). Mine has loosen over time. :smile:
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    I love mine, it's still stiff. I have been using it for about one month now

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  7. beautiful!

  8. Thanks dear

  9. It s beautiful [emoji76][emoji76][emoji76] i missed on this one couldbt find it anywhere when i was ready to buy it ! [emoji22]
  10. Can you tell me the wear and tear on the YSL card holders, for those that have had it for a while?
  11. I have the red grainy leather with the gold logo. The pic below is from when it was new. I had been using mine since January of 2015 and it's held up really well. I also found the leather quite stiff at the beggining and it has now softened enough to allow me to carry 2 cards in the same slot.

    I think the leather is though as nails. It still looks like new. No wear nor darkening on the corners which is amazing because this card holder takes an absolute beating while in my bag with all the other stuff i carry around.

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  12. I have the black chevron one with SHW and absolutely love it! Buy it you will not regret it! Also check out Minks4all on YouTube she recently uploaded a May favorites video and reviews this cardholder in the video. Good luck deciding!
  13. Does the logo scratch up the inside on your leather bags? I am considering the YSL card holder over Chanel also. I want to use it in my Chanel bag, but I'm worried if the YSL logo will mark up the interior.
  14. The profile of the logo has for the most part rounded edges and isn't high enough for it to scratch the inside of a bag. To be honest, the likelihood of the inside of the bag being scratched by fingernails while reaching for something inside the bag is much higher than it being done by the logo.
  15. Good to know! Thank you!!
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